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Alphabetized below are links to the individual pages currently available on the People of Colonial Albany Live Here website. These items have been either added or substantially revised since January 1, 2000. This index is updated annually. For more recent additions, see the "New Features" section. Click on a highlighted entry to take you to the website feature.

Albany Anti-Federal Committee, address of
Albany City Charter
Albany Congress of 1754
Albany Corporation (Common Council)
Albany County
Albany Garrison
Albany Views:

Albany in 1686
Court Street
See also: Cityscape

Albany Gazette
Albany Mechanics Society
Albany Militia
Albany Streets
Arbor Hill

Articles - published:

"Abraham Yates, Jr." (1999)
"Albany, New York: Capital and Crossroads" (1997)
"Building Blocks of the Past" (Community Biography and Local History) (1991)
"From Outpost to Entrepot: The Birth of Urban Albany, 1686-1776" (1996)
"I Know It's Only Rock n' Roll: But They Like It!" (1998)
"Sara Gansevoort" (1986)
"The Jacksons, Lattimores, and Schuylers" (Afro Albanian families) (1996)
"Welcome to the Gallows Hill Training Facility (Basic Training for Interns) (1999)

Articles - Newspaper: published newspapers features on the Colonial Albany Project

A Brief History of the City of Albany (1831), transcription
Newspaper article on the history of McKownville

Articles - web Theme Essays revised in 2000-02:
Afro Albanians
Albany: An Early American City
Burying the Dead
City Fathers
City Hall
Finding the People
Friends and Enemies
Homes for the People
Last Days of Colonial Albany
The People of Colonial Albany
People on the Street

Articles - Manuscript (unpublished):
The Other Revolutionaries - book-length project
Once upon a time there were three Revolutions . . .
The Beginning of the End - introductory chapter
Who Fought the War?
Picturing the Past - text of conference paper
River People in Early Albany

Assessment Rolls:
1684 (tax arrears)
    see also census

Associated Exempts from 1778
Bank of Albany
Beaverkill, the

Biographies: A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U - V - W - Y - Z

Bounty Rights for militia service


City Hall
Market House
Quackenbush House
Schuyler House
Schuyler Mansion
Vanderheyden Palace
Van Rensselaer Manor House

Castle Island
Cemeteries: (essay)
Albany Rural Cemetery
Captain Samuel Schuyler family plot

of 1679 (Albany householders)
of 1697 (Albany households)    Rensselaerswyck
of 1714 (provincial census)
of 1756 (British army inventory of city households)
of 1790 (first Federal census); for Watervliet
of 1800 (city of Albany households)

Churches, Albany:
Dutch Reformed
    Great Consistory
St. Peters (Anglican/Episcopal)
    membership list for 1771
St. Mary's Catholic

City Limits (municipal boundaries)


Image map of the Eights painting of the northern end of Pearl Street
Image map of the Eights painting of Market Street
Image map of the Eights painting of Court Street
"Looking Down State Street" (Eights)
"Return of the Experiment" (Tantillo)

City Streets

Colonial Albany Social History Project: (project-related information)

African American History initiative
Bibliography of Books on Early Albany
Community Based Resources
Criteria for inclusion in study population
Family Histories and Genealogies
Family Reconstitution program
Graphics Archive
Inquiry letter
New website features
New website features 2000; 2001; 2002; 2003; 2004; 2005;
Not-so-Dutch Masters (1986)
Project Publications
Site Navigation
Sources - bibliography of printed primary sources
Staff Biographies:
    Tricia A. Barbagallo
    Stefan Bielinski
    Nan Mullenneaux
    Joyce Patterson
Research Projects (2003-04)
Status of project research (June 2000)

Commissioners of Indian Affairs
Committee of Correspondence
Common Council - 1686
Community Economy
Albany Corporation
Court Minutes - 1684
Dongan Charter (Albany city charter)

Elm Tree Corner

Fair Use of historical resources
Family Economy
Family Pages: Family Names, linked list of
Beekman - Bleecker - Bogert - Bradt
De Foreest - De Garmo - Douw - Dunbar -
Egberts - Fonda - Fryer
Gansevoort - Gerritse - Glen - Groesbeck - Graham
Hansen - Hilton - Hogan - Hun
La Grange - Lansing - Lydius, family list
Radcliff - Roseboom -
Sanders - Schermerhorn - Schuyler - Staats
Ten Broeck - Ten Eyck - Truax
Van Allen - Van Benthuysen
Van Dyck - Vandenbergh - Vanderheyden
Van Iveren/Myndertse - Van Ness
Van Rensselaer
Van Schaick
Van Schoonhoven, family list
Van Zandt

Ferry (cross river)
Fire of 1793
Fort Albany (English)
Fort Hunter
Fort Orange
Foxes Creek
Freedoms Purchased - 1781
Freeholders - 1720
Freeholders - 1742
Freeholders - 1763
Fur Trade

Gallery (thematic access page)

Gallows Hill
Half Moon
Hallenbeck Burial Ground
Historians of Albany
Bowers, Virginia
Opalka, Tony
Pearson, Jonathan
Van Laer, Arnold J. F.


Information page on less-than-comprehensive biographies
Internet-based Resources

Journal and Copybook, 1754-58 of Abraham Yates, Jr.

Kayaderosseras Patent
King's Highway (road to Schenectady)

Landscape (Albany terrain)
Published Laws and Ordinances of Albany (1773)
Lists of funeral invitees (1674)
List of John Schuyler's troop (1715)
Loyalty Oath (1699)


Albany - 1676 (French map)
1686 (Image Map)
1695 (Image Map) of Miller plan
1698 (Image Map) of Roemer plan
Albany - 1765
Albany - 1770 (Robert Yates map) (Image Map)
Image map articulating houselots on North Market Street (between Steuben and Columbia) in 1790
Bogert Map - 1792 (State Street)
Albany - 1790s (De Witt maps)
large-scale engraving of De Witt map (Image Map)
Black Households - 1815 (on map of 1818)
Albany area maps:
    1757 Image Map of the Albany area
    1767 Image Map from the John R. Bleecker map
    1776 Image Map of the Albany area
    Guy Johnson Map of the Indian Country (1771)
    Thomas Kitchen Map of New York (1755)

Market Street (1805)
Masonic Lodge
Mayors, (list of)
Albany-related passages from Men and Times of the Revolution

New Netherland Dutch
New Netherland families
North End
NOT Albany - policy statement on out-of-city features

Origins of early Albany people

Peace (1713-1744)
petition of Fur Traders - 1681
petition of Merchants - 1764
petition for the release of Benjamin Rogers - 1778
population totals (Albany)
population (provincial New York)

Programs: Public Presentations currently available

"Meet the People of Colonial Albany" (Introductory Program)
"The People of Colonial Albany Live Here Website" (a comprehensive tour)
"An Early Albany Girlhood"
"Dinnah Jackson's Albany: African American City Life"
"Captain Samuel Schuyler: South End Pioneer"
"The Promised Land"
"Tinker, Tailor, Trader: Working People in Early Albany"
"The World of Abraham Yates, Jr."

Public Square
Rapp Road
Real Estate (real property holdings)
Research menu - issues in Community History
Sacandaga Patent
Schuyler Flats
Seven Years War (French and Indian War)
Sheriffs (list of)
Sons of Liberty (constitution of)
Printed Sources on early Albany history
Southend (neighborhood including Pastures)
Southside (residence enclave)
Streets (linked)
Court Street - 1686
Market Street - 1805
South Pearl Street diagram
State Street - 1790
subscription list - 1689

Timeline of early Albany history
Traditional Sources

Trades and Tradesmen:

Brewer and Brewing
Tanner and Tanning

Tricentennial Celebration
Visitors to Albany:

  John Miller (1695)
  Peter Kalm (1749)

Wards (political subdivisions)
Wendell's Mills
Westenhook Patent

Abeel, Christoffel and Neeltie
Abeel, Johannes
Adams, James
Archer, George
Bancker, Gerrit
Banks, James
Barclay, John
Becker, Johannes J.
Beekman Marselis, Anna
Beekman, Jacob
Beekman, Johannes M.
Beekman, Johannes Jr.
Beekman, Johannes J.
Beekman, Martin and Geertruy
Bleecker, John R.
Bleecker, Rutger Janse
Bogardus, Pieter
Bogert, Cornelis
Bogert, Hendrick (estate inventory)
Bradstreet, John
Charles, William (estate inventory)
Campbell, Archibald
Clute, Jan
Coeymans Ten Eyck, Geertruy
Collins, Edward
Cooper Lansing, Elizabeth
Corry, William
Cuyler, Abraham
Cuyler, Cornelis
Cuyler Van Driessen, Eva
Cuyler, Hendrick
Denniston, Hugh
Douw, Johannes V.
Douw, Volkert A.
Dunbar, John
Egberts, Egbert
Egberts, Maria
Egberts, Teunis and Egbertie
Flensburgh, Daniel
Fondey, John Jr.
Fryer, Isaac
Fryer, John
Gansevoort, Leendert
Gerritse, Elbert
Glen, Jacob Sanderse
Glen, Johannes
Gourlay, James
Groesbeck, Stephanus
Halenbeck, Hendrick
Hansen, Hans
Hansen, Hendrick
Henry, Robert Jr. (estate inventory)
Hewson, John
Hogan, Jurrian and Maria
Hogan, William and Martina
Holland, Hitchen
Hun, Abraham
Hun, Johannes
Jans Bogardus, Anneke
Kip, Isaac
Lievens Van Schaick, Anna
Loveridge, William
Lydius, Johannes
Lyle, Abraham
Maase, Cornelis
Marselis, Gerrit Joh.
Marselis - Marcellus Jans Von Bommell
Oothout, Hendrick Janse
Radcliff Van Valkenburgh, Margarita
Reims, Edward
Richard, Stephen
Roseboom, Hendrick M.
Rosie, John
Rottery, David
Ryckman, Albert Janse
Ryckman, Harmanus
Ryckman, Pieter
Ryckman, Petrus Jr.
Ryckman, Tobias
Salisbury, Sylvester
Sanders, Barent
Sanders, John
Sanders, Robert
Schermerhorn, Jacob Janse
Schuyler, Abraham
Schuyler, David P.
Schuyler, John
Schuyler, Johannes Jr.
Schuyler, Margarita
Schuyler, Myndert
Schuyler, Philip J.
Schuyler, Phillipus
Sharp, Thomas
Shepherd, William
Staats, Abraham
Staats, Barent
Staats, Barent I.
Staats, Jacob
Stevenson, James
Teller Vanderpoel, Elizabeth
Teller, Jacob
Ten Broeck, Cornelis (1771)
Ten Broeck, Dirck Wesselse
Ten Broeck, Dirck (1748)
Ten Broeck, Dirck (1765)
Ten Broeck, Wessel (1723)
Teunise, Egbert
Thompson, Gabriel (estate inventory)
Van Allen, Lourens
Van Bergen, Marte Gerritse (estate inventory)
Van Cortlandt Schuyler, Cornelia
Vandenbergh, Cornelis W.
Vandenbergh, Volkert
Vanderheyden, David
Vanderheyden, Johannes
Vanderpoel Van Schaick Van Corlear, Elizabeth
Vanderpoel, Melgert (estate action)
Van Dyck, Cornelis
Van Dyck, Henry (estate inventory)
Van Laer, Jacob G.
Van Ness, Gerrit
Van Rensselaer, Jeremiah
Van Rensselaer, Johannes
Van Rensselaer, Killiaen
Van Rensselaer, Stephen II
Van Schaick Van Cortlandt, Anna Maria
Van Schaick, Anthony
Van Schaick, Anna and Gerrit
Van Schaick Coeymans, Catharina
Van Schaick, Gosen Gerritse and Anna Lievens
Van Schaick, Goose (1736)
Van Schaick, Goose (1788)
Van Schaick, Jacob A.
Van Schaick, Sybrant
Van Schaick, Wessel
Van Valkenburgh, Jacobus
Van Vechten, Benjamin
Van Vechten, Johannes
Van Wie, Hendrick Gerritse
Van Zandt, Gerrit Jr. (1806)
Veeder, Simon Johannes
Verplanck, Abraham
Verplanck, Isaac
Visscher, Barent
Visscher, Bastian H.
Visscher, Dirck Harmanse
Visscher, Jacob
Visscher, Johannes
Waldron, William
Wendell, Evert Jr. (1690)
Wendell, Evert (1749)
Geesje Wendell (1783)
Wendell, Harmanus
Wendell, Johannes
Willett, Edward
Williams, Thomas Jr.
Winne Vandenbergh Gerritsen, Maria
Winne, Pieter
Winne, Captain Pieter
Witbeck, Abraham
Wyngaert, Anna and Luycas
Yates, John
Yates, Luycas

The Woutenbergh

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