Early Albany Timeline

Some important dates in early Albany history -

1624 ---- Fort Orange established

1652 ---- Beverwyck created as a separate jurisdiction

1664 ---- Dutch surrender New Netherland to the Duke of York - Beverwyck becomes Albany!

1673 ---- Dutch regain control of New York for a year

1676 ---- English build a new fort overlooking Albany                                                                                 French map

1680 ---- Missionaries Danckaerts and Sluyter visit Albany

1683 ---- Albany County created

1686 ---- Albany receives its municipal charter                                                                                 Overview

1697 ---- Census shows city population at 714

1713-1744 ---- Three decades of peace on the New York frontier

1714 ---- city population counted at 1128

1749 ---- Peter Kalm arrives at Albany

1754 ---- The Albany Congress meets at city hall

1754-1763 ---- The French and Indian War

1765 ---- Albany buys the fort and other military buildings from the British

1766 ---- Sons of Liberty orchestrate opposition to the Stamp Act

1766 ---- Docks and seawall built by Albany Corporation

1771 ---- The Albany Gazette, Albany's first newspaper begins publication

1773 ---- Laws and Ordinances of Albany published

1775 ---- First public meeting of the Albany Committee of Correspondence

1776 ---- Tories arrested for drinking to the King's health

1778 ---- Commissioners for Detecting and Defeating Conspiracies prosecute Tories

1780 ---- New York State Legislature first meets in Albany

1782-83 ---- General George Washington visits Albany

1785 ---- Stewart Dean sails from Albany to China

1788 ---- Albany celebrates ratification of the Federal Constitution

1790 ---- Albany population reaches 3,498

1793 ---- Albany's first great fire destroys several blocks in the core city                                                                                map - 1794

1799 ---- New York State passes law that will abolish slavery by 1827

1800 ---- Census fixes city population at 5,349

1813 ---- First Albany city directory published

1820 ---- City population reaches 12,630

1823 ---- Funding appropriated for creation of an Albany Basin

1827 ---- Slavery ended by statute in New York State


This was the first online timeline produced by the Colonial Albany Project during the initial phase (early 2000s) of website development. It includes some dates important to the early history of the Albany community and is designed to facilitate access to the substantive parts of the site. Additional, more focused timelines will follow.

See also: The compendious compilation entitled The Albany handbook, a popular guide to dates published in 1884. That chronology utilizes the word "first" more than a hundred times. [One thing this writer has learned over the last fifty years is to avoid that descriptor.

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