Will of Jacob Sanderse Glen - 1685

On August 14, 1685, before me, John Becker, residing in Albany, Notary Public, appeared Jacob Sanders Glen, living in Albany, sicke and being a bed, but fully using his understanding.

He makes his present wife Catharine his sole heir and executor, of all lands, money, gold and silver, coyned and uncoyned, jewels and precious things. And although he hath four children begotten by his said wife, viz., Johanes, aged about 10, Anake, 8, Jacob, 6, and Helena, 2 years, and his wife be not troubled by the orphan masters, Trustees, Constables, the Court of the Town, or any other in power, or any Court Judge that they shall not (excepting the respect due to them) in no ways to intermeddle with the children or estate. But she may not sell the lands, and when the children come of age she shall fit them out comfortably. His lands at Schenectady and the house where he now lives are to remain for his children. The lands at Schenectady are mentioned as in possession and under the care of his two brothers Sander and Johanes Glen.

Witnesses, Dirck Wessels Ten Broeck, John Wendel, Robert Livingston.


Will dated August 14, 1685. Proved in November 1685. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 25, pp. 131-32. Paragraphing supplied but punctuation basically retained.

Transformed by JP

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first posted: 7/30/05