Will of Jurrian and Maria Hogan - 1764

In the name of God, Amen. We, Jurian Hogan, [and] Maria, my wife, both of Albany, do this 4th day of May 1764, make our last will and Testament.

All debts are to be first paid by executors. We leave to our eldest son William five pounds for his right of Primogeniture, and I, Jurian Hogan, give him all my wearing apparel and body linen.

We leave all the remainder of the estate to our children, William, Anna, wife of John Trotter, Eva, wife of Dirck Becker, Margaret, wife of Johanes Valkenbergh, Alida, widow of Andreis Van Schaack, Maria, Susanah, wife of John Degardeno, and to our grandchild Maria, daughter of our deceased son, Mark Hogan. It is our will that the house and lot in the 2nd Ward in Albany, in the west side of Pearl street, and also the lot of ground on the Foxes Creek, formerly belonging to our deceased son John, and the share of the estate of Johanes Beckman, left by him to me, Maria Hogan, be divided into 8 parts, and given to our seven children and grandchild.

We make our son William, and John Trotter, and John Degardeno, executors.


Will dated May 4, 1764. Proved May 27, 1766. Confirmed November 18, 1767. Printed in Abstract of Wills (for the year 1898), pp. 114-15. Online printing. Paragraphing supplied here but most spellings retained!

Transformed by JP

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