Will of Abraham Cuyler - 1742

In the name of God, Amen. May 11, 1742. I Abraham Cuyler of Albany. I leave to my eldest son, Hendrick Cuyler, 10, in right of primogeniture, also my house and lot in Albany in the 2nd Ward, where I now live, bounded west by Pearl street, east by another street formerly called the Wagon Way, north by Nicholas Bleeker, and south by Joseph Ten Eyck, and Stephen Groosbeek. The said house is valued at 400, which is to be paid to my children, Johanes, Margarita, wife of Dirck Ten Broek, Sarah, wife of Johan Beekman, Catharine, wife of [Jacob] Coenraet Ten Eyck, Abraham, and Nicholas. I leave to my sons Abraham and Nicholas, all of my house and ground in the 1st Ward in Albany, on the hill fronting Jonckers street, bounded east by Jeronimus Wendell, west by the heirs of Gerritt Wingart, in length and breadth according to deeds; also a lot in Schenectady, on the north west part of the town, as granted to me by the heirs of Philip Philipse, as by deed dated May 24, 1734; Both being valued at 250, to be paid to the rest of my children.

To my sons Abraham and Nicholas all my wearing apparel, and my Negro Jack. I leave to my son Hendrick, Johanes, Abraham, and Nicholas all the rest of my estate, lands in the Mohawk country, at or near Ticondaroka flats, according to deeds. And all the tract at Skoharie alias Hunters field, in Albany County, granted to me by Timotheus Vrooman, October 16, 1736. The whole is valued at 330, to be paid to my other children.

I leave to my children all my lot of land in Albany, on the hill near the city fence, and also my part in the Patent of Weston Hook. I make my sons executors.


Will dated May 11, 1742. Witnesses, Ephraim Wendel, David van der Heyden, Jacobus Bleecker. Probated October 10, 1747. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 28, pp. 139-40.

Transformed by JP

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