Will of Elizabeth Vanderpoel V. S. Van Corlear - 1750

In the name of God, Amen, November 7, 1750. I, Elizabeth Van Corlaer, of Albany, widow, being aged and weak.

I leave to Sybrant Van Schaick, the eldest son of my eldest son, Goosen Van Schaick, deceased, a New Large Dutch Bible, as cost in Holland 20 or 22 Guilders, Holland money. This allot to him for his birth right.

I leave to my son, Gerrit Van Schaick, my two books, made by Wilhelmn a Brakel. I leave to my daughter Maria, widow of Johanes Glandorf, all my clothing and household stuff, and all I have, except my plate and money, and book debts, and bonds, And I also leave to my daughter, Maria Glandorf, for her faithful attendance on me, £50 extra.

All the rest I leave to my children and grand children, viz. to Sybrant, Jacob, Abraham, and Deborah, wife of Johanes Beekman, being the children of my deceased son, Goosen Van Schaick[.] And to my sons Anthony and Gerritt, And Sybrant, Adrian, Johanes, and Anthony Quackenboss, and their sisters, Neghtltie and Catarina, the children of my daughter Catarina, deceased, And to my daughter Johana, wife of Nicholas Grosebeck, living at New Brunswick, And to Benjamin, Johanes, Catarina, wife of Hendrick Bulson, and Elizabeth, wife of Andries Scherp, being children of my daughter Alida, deceased, wife of Solomon Godway, And to my son Arenalt Van Corlaer, and my daughter, Maria Glandorf. £40 [of] my estate is in the hands if my son, Anthony Van Schaick.

[Here follows a list or account (not found/included here) between her and some of her children for money lent.] I make my sons, Sybrant and Gerritt Van Schaick, and my daughter, Maria Glandorf, executors.


Will dated November 7, 1750. Witnesses, Richard Miller, James Wilson, Johanes Vanderheyden. “Translated from the Original Dutch by Jacob Goelet, sworn Translator of Dutch language.” Probated February 11, 1757. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 29, pp. 172-73. Some spelling, punctuation, and paragraphing supplied.

Transformed by JP

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