Estate of Melgert Vanderpoel - 1710

"Att a Mayors Court held in Citty hall of Albany the 19th of Sep'r, 1710:

Whereas melgert van der [Poel] Late of ye Citty of albany Gunstockmaker decd did Some time before his death by deed of Gift and Conveyance give and Convey unto his Six Children melkert van der poel, mary van der poel, Trinke van der poel, abraham van der poel, wynant van der poel, & ariantie van der poel, a negro man Called Lot & a negro girle Called Eva, his saw mill on the Beavers Creek, his house in ye Citty of Albany fronting the fort and a Lott of Ground on ye South Syde of ye Citty as by deed of Gift & Conveyance may appear, and whereas this day Application hath been made to us by all ye Children aforesd (ariantie only Excepted who was absent, tho' due notice given her) that they might have directions from us (in her absence) to have ye sd reall & personall Estate appraised & Sould so that each Child might Receave his or her Sixth Equall part of ye moneys ariseing from Such Sale, we haveing taken ye Same into Consideration, thinking that it would be a hardship that ye absence or neglect of ye sd arriantie, Should hinder ye rest from Comeing to their just parts of y sd Reall & personall Estate given and Convey d as Aforesd, and at the same time Resolving & intending as farr as in us Lyes to Secure to ye sd arriantie her Equall Sixth part of the moneys arising by Such Sale, have thought fitt, that the said Reall and Personall Estate be appraized by Stephanus Groesbeek, manus Wendell, and Johannis vinhagen of ye s'd Citty, they being first Sworn to make a true apraizement of the Same Provided always that the aforesd Children of ye sd melgert van der poel do pay and Satisfy the Appraizors for their Trouble & pains, & that ye sd Appraizement be Return'd into ye next mayors Court under the hand & seals of ye sd apprayzors when ye aforsd Estate Shall be Sould Shall Receive for & on Behalf of ye sd ariaentie her Equall Sixth part of ye money ariseing from Such Sale, and pay ye Same to her when She shall at Any time after give them a Sufficient discharge for the Same, and we do think fitt that the Said Negro's house mill & Lott of ground be Sould according the sd appraizement or for as much more as may be But not Less.

Given under our hands at Albany this fifteenth day of September in ye ninth year of her maj's Reigne anno D 1710

Was signed

J Abeel
Abraham Cuyler
Hend. Hansen

[copied as printed - appears to be Dutch] Also wy undergeschr: geappenteert syn van de heere magistrate mayor & aldermans der Stadt Albany, om te Pryseere het huys, 1 sagh moole, 2 thuyn, neeger and negerin van Melgert Wynantse van der Poel, geweesene.

So Denke wy het voor sherve huys & Erf waerdigh te zyn de summa van - . - - - 130 De sagh moole d summe van .... 60
De Thuyn d sume van - 8
De neger d sume van - - - - - * 65
De negerin d suma van 35
[total value} 298

Albany, Sept. 18, 1710.

Was signed Stephanis Groesbeek, Harmanes Wendell, Johannis Vinhagen.

[The above is an appraisal of the estate of Melgert son of Wynant Vanderpoel, consisting of a house and lot, a saw mill, a quit rent and a negro man and woman.]



Will document not yet found. Estate information taken from a Mayor's Court action as printed in the City Records for September 19, 1710.

Transformed from the online printed summary of the episode by SB

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first posted: 11/20/10