Tony Opalka


Tony Opalka, Albany city historianLong-time historical resource person and preservation advocate Anthony Opalka is the current official historian of the city of Albany. He brings many talents, great energy, and goodwill to the city historian's office. We welcome this fine fellow with great anticipation.

Earlier this year, he was appointed by Mayor Jerry Jennings to succeed Virginia Bowers who died at the end of 2007. His tenure began on May 1, 2008.

In the historiography of Albany, New York, he is best known for his many contributions to Albany Architecture - an indispensable resource on the city's built environment. Over the years, he has conducted a number of popular and informative walking tours of Albany's historic neighborhoods. Currently, he is employed as a historic preservation program analyst for the Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation.

If your question about the history of Albany cannot be answered by this website, the city historian may be the person to help you.

Tony Opalka has told us that he can be contacted via e-mail. In addition, his mailing address is 21 McKinley Street, Albany, NY 12206. His phone number is (518) 459-3994.

first posted: 6/20/08; updated 10/20/10