Will of Captain Pieter Winne - 1757

"In the name of God, Amen. I, Pieter Winne, of Albany, Gent., being in health. I leave to my brother-in law, Abraham Dow, all my dwelling house wherein I now live, and the lot of ground, To him and his heirs and assigns. And he is to pay my sisters, Elizabeth, widow of Abraham Vosburgh, Mattie, wife of Barent Van Buren, and Anna, wife of Johannes Hun, each 100.

I order that a dwelling house be built and finished for the said Abraham Dow out of my estate, on the lot of ground of the said Abraham Dow in Albany, situate between the dwelling house of Wandel and Lansing, which house shall be at least two stories high when completely finished. My nephew, Peter Winne, shall be educated with the best education that can be given him in this Province or New Jersey, and supported till he is 21 or 22 years old. I give to my said nephew my gun, sword, and pistols, and wearing apparell. All the rest to my three sisters and the children of my brother-in-law, Abraham Dow, viz., Volkert, Peter Winne, Elsie, and Margaret.

I make my three brothers-in-law, Barent Van Buren, Johanes Hun, and Abraham Dow, executors."

Codicil. I leave 1/2 of all that part of my lands lying in a certain tract of land called Anthony's Nose Patent, in Albany County, to my nephew, Peter Winne Dow. Also my horse and chaise and large silver tankard. I leave to my brother-in-law, Abraham Dow, all my sloop or vessell, with the rigging, etc., and a negro man.

Dated September 20, 1757.

Witnesses [to codicil], G. Dubois, John Van Cortlandt, Philip Van Cortlandt


Will dated August 23, 1753. Witnesses, Jacob Van Schaick, merchant, Harme Gansevoort, merchant, Harmanus Wendell." Probated on October 11, 1765. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 30, pp. 412-13.

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