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In a perfect world, every web page would open to display to its best advantage regardless of the computer or its software. Recently, we have noticed that the world is less than perfect!

The People of Colonial Albany Live Here Website is designed to display using Internet Explorer Windows 7 or higher. We seek to make our presentation friendly to the Firefox and Chrome browsers. We are no longer concerned with Netscape compatibility.

For best results, set your display to 640 x 480 pixels and 24-bit true color. 800 x 600 (24-bit true color) works well also. Avoid other color settings! Set text size to "medium" for best display.

Fonts: The PCALH website uses the widely available "arial" as its basic text font. Some display headings are set in "signature" and occasionally display poorly.

Broken Links: Some restructuring of the the directory and sub-directories may have made some of your bookmarks obsolete. Fear not! You can get to anything on the website by typing the name or term and the word "albany" into - an amazing and almost instant-indexing search engine. All links on the site index are live but is not as up-to-date as we would like.

During your travels through this website, you may encounter one of the dozens of "hidden" pages that do not connect to other website offerings. These belong in a category even more half-baked than those "In Progress!" They are online for a variety of reasons. Please either ignore them or use them as is - for the time being!

Finally, we are fair historians but rank amateurs in all things technical or technological. We do, however, take direction very well! Thus, we solicit your comments and suggestions in any shape or form.

Now back to the story!

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Last revised: 9/12/16

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