Barent Van Buren


Barent Van Buren was born early in 1695. He was an older son of Pieter Martense and Ariaantie (aka Mynderts) Van Buren. His parents appear to have been long time residents of Kinderhook. A slightly younger, same-named contemporary also lived in the region and perhaps complicates the assignment of subsequent family and qualitative information.

In December 1719, he married Maria Winne at the Albany Dutch church. She was the sister of Albany skipper and assemblyman Pieter Winne. By 1726, only two children had been christened in Albany. However, by 1736, several more may have been baptized elsewhere. In December 1737, some sources say that he may have remarried. Thus, his second wife would have been one Margarita Van Vechten. However, at this point it appears unlikely!   By 1741, that marriage had produced three children. He probably could not have been the BVB who married Catalina Schermerhorn and had children with her during the 1750s. The second two marriages create several problems in fleshing out other aspects of his life.

This individual seems to be the only Barent Van Buren at-risk during the first half of the eighteenth century. That said, in 1757 Barent Van Buren was named in the will filed by the above-mentioned Pieter Winne. Called the husband of the testator's sister, he also was named co-exectutor of Winne's estate.

In 1763, the name of Barent Van Buren appeared on a list of freeholders in Albany County. Assessment rolls from the mid-1760s valued the Kinderhook holdings of Barent Van Buren among the village's elite. At least another Barent (C. or T.) was assessed in the East Manor.

In October 1769, Barent Van Buren "of Kinderhook" is said to have filed a will. His substantial real property in what would become Columbia County was to be divided among his three sons. At that time, Barent's wife "Mary" was still living and would be provided for in a number of ways. That will is said to have been "registered" in August 1787. A will for one Barent Van Buren passed probate in Albany County in October 1790.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Barent Van Buren has no CAP biography number. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. An online presentation of a compendious family history promises more information on Barent Van Buren.

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