Will of Goose Van Schaick - 1736

In the name of God, Amen. I, Goose Van Schaick, of Albany, “sloop master,” being mindful of my mortality, I leave all my apparel to my sons Anthony and Goose Van Schaick.

I leave to my wife Deborah all my share of the undivided dwelling house and lot in Albany, and 1/3 of the saw-mill and utensils, and the land adjoining, lying in Conestigoyna; Also 1/3 of my sloop, and my Negro man and woman.

After my wife’s decease I leave all my estate to my three children, Anthony, Catalyntie and Goose. I leave to my eldest son Anthony, £10, for his birthright. I leave to my three children all my share of the farm that my father now lives on; the highest bidder of them, and whoever buys it shall pay to the others 1/3 of the price.

My wife shall cause my children to be well educated and put to trades, and shall give them such reasonable bedding and household goods as she thinks convenient.

I make my wife Deborah and my trusty friend Henry Holland, executors. July 20, 1736. Witnesses, Cornelius Van Dyk, Richard Williams, Peter P. Schuyler. Proved, October 4, 1736.


Will dated July 20, 1736. Probated October 4, 1736. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 27, pp. 212-213. Paragraphing supplied!

Transformed by JP

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