Nan Mullenneaux

Historian Nan Mullenneaux was a doctoral fellow at the Colonial Albany Social History Project beginning in 2001.

Nan Mullenneaux hiking Crane Mountain

Nan first worked at the project in 1991 as an undergraduate intern from the University at Albany. After completing her internship, she graduated with a degree in American History and English. She received an MA in American History from the University at Albany in 1996. She completed her Ph.D. coursework in 1999 and then passed her doctoral qualifying exams!

Nan has worked as a professional actress since high school, performing in regional theaters throughout the country, as well as film, radio and commercial work. It is not surprising, therefore, that her early research focused on the lives and work of actresses. Nan's masters thesis, Acting Women: The Working Lives of Mid-Nineteenth Century American Actress explored the double life lived by successful nineteenth-century working women who strove to win societal acceptance as "ladies," while managing their careers in the most public of arenas. Nan is the author of a manuscript article under consideration for publication which analyzes gender roles in nineteenth-century popular melodramas.

Nan rejoined the research team at the project in the spring of 2001. She has performed a range of research assignments. She has compiled and produced a number of useful documents in support of project research and programming activities. She completed a Bleecker family reconstitution and has written several web-based, biographical profiles. She presented an essay entitled "The Pregnancy of Huybertie Marselis" on this website. She also has transformed historical materials into web page format.

Currently Nan teaches as an adjunct instructor and continues work on her doctoral dissertation.

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