Will of Abraham Witbeck - 1765

In the name of God, Amen. October 22, 1765. I, Abraham Witbeeck, of the Manor of Renselaerwyck, Albany, Co., N.Y., being sick of body but fully enjoying my understanding and memory, leave to my son, Harpert Witbeeck, as right primogeniture, my silver can. To my worthy wife, Annatije Witbeeck, I bequeath during her life a decent income to maintain her. The property, as the testator at present owns it is to be enjoyed in common, "during my above said wife's life and no longer."

I leave to my two sons, Harpert Witbeeck, and Johannis Witbeeck, the entire estate or farm as the same is now owned or used, besides the woodland granted to me by the Lord Patroon, for which I have not as yet a deed, though the same has been entered in his [the Patroon's] book. All situated in the Manor of Rensselaerswyck, alongside the Hudson River, south of the City of Albany, partly opposite the northern portion of Papsknees Island, Albany Co., Prov., N.Y. "All which I bequeath and give with the farming implements which I now possess and belong to it to Harpert and Johannis Witbeeck, under condition that my said two sons, Harpert Witbeeck and Johannis Witbeeck, their heirs or assigns shall pay for the same the amount of £200 current money of this Province, viz.: six years after my wife's death £100 current money of this province to my daughter Marretje, and to her heirs or assigns.

Further, my above two sons shall be obliged according to my directions to give to my three afternamed daughters when they shall happen to marry to each of them a reasonable dower, viz.: to Marretje, Cathariena and Geetruy Witbeeck.

I further bequeath to my youngest son, Abraham Witbeeck, his heirs or assigns, my house and lot situated in the 3d ward of Albany in the northern portion of said city and ward. The lot in bound as follows: to the East the house and lot of Elbert Gerritse, deceased, to the West the house and lot of Jacob Witbeeck, deceased to the South the street. Under the following conditions: my said son, Abraham Witbeeck, his heirs or assigns are to pay for the same the amount of £100 current money of N.Y. to my youngest daughter, Gerrtruy Witbeeck, her heirs or assigns, six years after my wife's death.

Further, I give and bequeath to my 6 children, Harpert, Johannis, Abraham, Marretje, Catharina and Gertruy Witbeeck, the entire remainder of my estate personal as well as real estate, nothing accepted, to be equally divided between them pr their heirs."

I appoint my sons, Harpert and Johannis Witbeeck, executors.



Will printed in Abstract of Wills volume 36, pp. 333-335. Paragraphing supplied!

Transformed by JP

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first posted: 10/10/02