Will of Stephen Van Rensselaer 2nd - 1769

"In the name of God, Amen. I, Stephen Van Rensselaer, Esq., Proprietor of the Manor of Rensselaerwyck, being in a reasonable state of health. "I commit my Body to the Earth, to be buried in a manner decent and suitable to my rank, at the discretion of my executors."

Upon the remarriage of my wife or upon the first legal possession of my Manor, by virtue of this will[,] I give to my wife Catharine all that my Island, commonly called Martin Gerritsen's Island, situate in [the] Hudson river, to the southward of the city of Albany, and now in possession of Col. John Bradstreet, by lease under me, being part of my Manor; Also a homestead on the main, opposite the upper end of said Island, bounded north on the city line, south by the land of the heirs of Fletcher Holland, and extending from the river, westward till it takes in 100 acres. These are to her for life in lieu of dower.

I leave to Philip Livingston and Abraham Ten Eyck, Esquires, all my Manor, with all and singular, the lands and improvements. In Trust, for my eldest son, Stephen Van Rensselaer, and his heirs male; and in default of such heirs, then to my son Philip and his heirs male. And in default, then to the heirs male of the succeeding sons. In default then to heirs male of my sister Elizabeth, wife of Abraham Ten Broeck, Esq. And in default then to male heirs of my aunt, Gertrude Livingston, and in default to the male heirs of my aunt, Anne Schuyler, and in default to my kinsman, John Van Rensselaer, Esq.

I leave to my son Philip all my house and lot in the first ward in Albany, near the English Church. And all my lands in the Patent commonly called Walomscock Patent, granted to Edward Collins, James De Lancey, and others, June 15, 1739, situate on the east side of Hudson river; Also a lot in my Manor, on the west side of the highway that leads from Albany to Walter Vliet (Watervliet), bounded east by said street or highway, north by the lot of Lucas Van Vegten, south by the lot of Peter Dox, being 110 feet front and 40 rods long; Also a tract in my Manor on the east side of Hudson river, at a place called Scotack, bounded on the river, and to run east between the lands of John Beekman and Johanes Van Bueren, until it makes 1,500 acres. With a grist mill and sawmill on Scotack creek, with the privilege of getting logs on any part of my Manor. I also leave him out of the rents of my Manor, the sum of 1,500.

I leave to my daughter Elizabeth, a certain lot of ground on the west side of the highway that leads from Albany to Water Vliet, bounded north by the lot laid out for Casparus Van Vie, east by the highway, being in front 200 feet Rhineland measure, and 31 rods in length. I also leave her 500 acres on the east side of Hudson river on and near Pooston Kill, and towards the head of said creek, to be laid out by my executors. With a sawmill and ground for a dam and 30 acres adjoining; Also a farm now in occupation of Philip P. Schuyler, on the west side of Hudson river, bounded east by the river, south by Steen hook, north by Jonas Oothout's land, west by Cornelius W. Vandenburgh, and to include the vacant land and farm now in tenure of Johanis Van Arneem. I also leave her 1,500 out of the rents of my Manor.

I leave to my son Philip and my daughter Elizabeth all my land in the Manor of Cortlandt, in Westchester County. I leave to my wife the income of my estate until my son Stephen is of age, and she is to maintain, educate, and bring up my children, in a manner suitable to their birth, and also pay all debts. If my wife marries, she is to have 1,000, and a chariot and pair of good horses.

I make my wife Catharine and my father-in-law, Philip Livingston, Esq., and my brother-in-law, Abraham Ten Broeck, Esq., and my friends, John Ten Eyck, Esq., of Albany, and Gerardus Groesbeck, executors.


Will dated August 30, 1769. Witnesses, Philipp Schuyler, Lucas Van Vechten, and Peter Silvester, attorney-at law. A codicil was added on September 7, 1769. Probated, July 16, 1770. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 32, 290-92. Transcribed online.

He means Hitchen Holland who died in 1762.

Transformed by SB. Paragraphing and punctuation supplied. The manuscript appears to be a single, long paragraph.

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first posted: 11/30/01