Will of William Loveridge - 1684

The 6th day of January 1683/4 I William Loveridge being sick in body butt of good and Perfect memory thanks be to ye Almighty God, and calling to Remembrance the uncertain Estate of this Transitory Life, and yt all flesh must yield unto deth, when it shall please God to call, doe make, Consitute, ordain and declare, this my Last will and Testament, in manner and form following, Revoaking and Annulling by these Presents all and every Testament & Testaments, will and wills heretofore by me made & declared, either by word or writing, and this to be taken only for my Last will and Testament and none to be decently interred.

Now for ye Settleing and disposeing my Temporall Estate, which God hath been pleased to give me farr above my deserts, I order, give and Dispose of ye same in manner & form following, that is to say, I will that all debts and dutys which in Right & Conshience I owe to any Person, whoever they be, be justly Paid and Satisfyed, or ordered to be Paid in some Convenient time, after my decease, by my Executrix, and after her decease my Eldest Sonne William Loveridge to be Executor; my will is that my Estate shall not anywaies be disposed off, sold, alienated or Embazeld till my just debts, be all pd, always Provided, it shall be in ye Executrixes or Executors Power after her death to dispose of any Part thereof, both Land an oyr Estate, for ye Paying of ye just debts aforesaid. And after yt ye just debts are honestly paid and Satisyed, I dow give and bequeave as follows, viz-

I doe give and bequeave to my Sonne Samuel one hundred acres of Land lying at Catskill of yt Land wh I bought lately of ye Indians, commonly known by ye namr of ye Camp, and ye said Samuel shall have his Choyce where to have ye Sd hundred acres of Land together; always Provided it be not where itt is already fenced in. I doe likeways give and bequeave, to my Said Sonne Sam Two working horses and a breading mear, Two milk Cows wt a Plow, and a Cuple off Plow harnass, wt Tow Sows and three or four Piggs, a fether bedd, 3 blankets & a Rugg, a Porr, a Cuple of Axes and a Cuple of Pales.

I doe give and bequeave to my eldest doughter Hannah, wife to Henry Slaide, liveing in Caralina, and to my doughter Temperence, wife to Isaak Molyn, living att N; York, and to my youngest doughter Sarah, wife to John Waed, living in Esopus, I say to Each and every of ye Sd three daughters fifty acres of Land a Peace; of ye Said Land at Katskill that I bought Lately of ye Indians.

And if my wife shall think Convenient to live wt any of her daughters, then ye Testators will is that she shall have sixteen Bevers yearly or soe much as shee shall agree wt her sonne William, to be pd her out of ye farm att Catskill, wt ye Testator bought of John Conell, to be paid her by my said Sonne William, who is such case shall occupy ye said farm to pay ye Debts, and after all debts paid, and his Moyrs Decease, shall Inheritt saud farn wt house and barne, as itt is now in being, and all ye Rest of ye Land, not bequeaved here above.

It is likeways the Testators will, that if his wife shall see cause to live wt any of her daughters as above, that shee shall have, besides ye yearly Rent of ye farm aforesaid the Somme of Eight Pounds in money once for all, of her said Sonne William, to give to ye three daughters, and to Samuel each forty Shel: a peace.

This is my Last will & Testament, which doe her sign and seale in Albany at ye house of Mr Richd . Pretty; before Jacob Sanders Glen and Richd. Pretty and Robt. Livingston, Secre. The day and year abovewritten.

William Loveridge [seal]

Richd. Pretty
Jacob Sanders Glen
Rot. Livingston, Secr


Will dated January 6, 1684. Outlined in Calendar of Wills entry 1103 and printed in CMA, III, 452-54. Some paragraphing and spelling supplied!

Transformed by JP

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first posted: 4/30/06