Will of Maria Winne Gerritsen - 1745

[will written in Dutch language] "In den Naame Godts, Amen."

Be it known to every body, that the 19 day of September, 1745, I, Maria Gerrittse, widow of Jan Gerrittse, of Albany, “being old in age and considering the briefness of life, and desirous to set all things in order.” My funeral charges are to be paid out of a bond which I have against Peter Fonda, of Albany.

I leave to my eldest son, Adam Vanderberg, £1 as eldest son. I leave to my eldest daughter Anna, wife of Adam Yates, a certain piece of ground to the west of the path leading to the Patroons mill, being part of the land where I live and which I improve, Bounded south by the land of my said daughter Anna and my daughter Maria, and is 20 feet wide on the street and 10 feet in the rear, and to run west to the extent of my land; I also leave her my Bible and my best large kettle. I leave to my daughter Maria, wife of Wessell Van Schaick, a part of my land where I now live with the house and buildings, bounded north by the land of my son, Cornelius Van der burgh, and is 40 feet wide on the street, and the same in the rear and 12 rods in length, Rynland measure; And she shall pay to my son Cornelius £25, and to my daughter Anna Yates, £15; I also leave to her my Great Looking glass. I leave to my son, Adam Van der Bergh, my land situate between the lot left to my daughter Maria, bounded east by the street and to extend west as far as my land extends;

Also my Great silver cup. I leave to my son, Cornelius Van der Bergh, and my daughter Maria, all the land of my son Cornelius and Abraham De Freest. I leave to my son Cornelius a silver spoon formerly belonging to Margaritie Ten Broeck. I leave to my daughters Anna and Maria, 3 silver spoons and a small silver cup; also a bond due to me from Peter Fonda, and all my clothes. I leave to my sons, Adam and Cornelius Van der Bergh, all my bedding except 8 sheets, which my daughters are to have.

I leave to my 2 sons and 2 daughters all my share of the estate of my mother, Anna Van Woert, and all the rest of my estate. I make my son Cornelius and my daughter Maria, executors.



Will dated September 19, 1745. Proved in September 19, 1748. Witnesses, Thomas Sharpe, James Sharpe, John Schuyler. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 28, pp. 480-81. Some paragraphing and punctuation supplied.

Transformed from an online printed source by JP

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