Will of Cornelis Cuyler - 1765

In the name of God, Amen. I, Cornelius Cuyler, of Albany, merchant, being in reasonable health. I leave to my son, Philip Cuyler, 50, in bar to all claim as heir at law. To my son Henry 1,000. To my son Cornelius 500. I leave to my son Abraham the dwelling house and lot where I now live in the Second Ward in Albany. Also the storehouse and lot situated between the houses of David Groesbeck and Johanes De Garmo.

All the rest of estate real and personal, of every kind, I leave to my 5 children, Henry, Cornelius, Abraham, Elizabeth, wife of Colonel James Van Cortlandt, and Margaret, wife of Isaac Low, and each of them is to pay 10 annually toward the support of my son Peter during his life.

I make my three sons, Henry, Cornelius, and Abraham, executors.


Will dated March 12, 1765. Executed May 18, 1765. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 30, pp. 393. Paragraphing supplied.

Peter Cuyler: named in this will but not in church or family-based records. He was not listed among the three sons named in the next sentence. This is probably a reference to eldest son the abovementioned Philip.

Transformed by JP from an online printing.

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