Will of Gerrit Bancker - 1690

“In den naame Godes, Amen.” On the 25 November, 1690, at New Albany, the Honorable Mr. Geritt Bancker, merchant, being of sound mind.

I appoint as my universal heir my wife Elizabeth of all my estate both here and in Schenectady and in New York during her life or widowhood.

My eldest son shall have £6 before any division, and each of my children shall have an equal proportion of my estate. Each of my married children shall have a dower of 300 Beavers the value in current silver money, which is a piece of 8 reckoned at 13 guilders sewant (wampum), and those who hereafter marry are to have a similar dowry, and each child is to have his share when of age.

I make my son Evert Bancker and Mr. Johanes De Peyster, the husband of my daughter living in New York, the guardians of my minor children.


Will dated November 22, 1690. Witnesses, G. Swott, Jan Onderkereck, J. Becker, Notary. Probated May 7, 1697. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 25, pp. 464-65. Paragraphing and some punctuation supplied.

This otherwise unattributed inventory was transformed from a printed online resource: "29.--Inventory of estate of ELIZABETH BANCKER, widow of Gerritt Bancker. Taken by her son Evert Bancker, and her son in law Johanes De Peyster, in presence of Guysbert Van Imburgh and Peter De Lanoy. A house in New York, between the house of Anthony Farmer and Hendrick Jacobs and Thomas Roberts, as by transport. A House lot by the water side (not valued). This Inventory is written in the Dutch language. Gives a long list of household goods not valued. Also goods, etc., at Albany, July 19, 1693."

Transformed by JP

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