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Explaining our Re-search on the lives of the People of Colonial Albany

The community-based philosophy and research approach
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Stefan Bielinski

The links that follow are simply a menu of explanatory web-based items that we have created to further understanding of the research tenets and techniques that help us begin to comprehend the People of Colonial Albany and to begin to appreciate the social and economic landscapes of their world. We will add to this research aid as needed.

Internet Based Resources
The Roots of New York Communities in New Netherland
Real Estate
Visitors to Albany

Economic Issues:
    Community economy
    Family Economy

Local Lore
    QQQuestions, puzzlements, and loose ends
    Guessing & Due Diligence
    Fair Use

    Translation, Transcription, and Transformation
    Questions, Comments, and Quibbles

Aids to understanding the in-progress nature of the biographies and associated places and things:

Links to sources:
Useful books
Genealogical Resources on the Internet
Afro-Albanians Reading List

Search the PCALH Website for key words via by typing your person, place, or thing into the search window following the word "albany"


Published works; web-based expositions; working papers; The Other Revolutionaries.

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