Guessing & Due Diligence
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Stefan Bielinski

You have been directed here because we have taken a leap into the historical darkness and have tentatively, and with great hesitation, liked bits of information that we are not completely convinced belong together. Earth shattering, eh!

That said, we are never 100% sure of anything. And of that I'm certain!   It reminds me of a personal historical mantra (appropriated from medical practice): "First, do no harm!"

Thus, please take this caveat in the spirit of the uncertainty that accompanies all of our forays into the past. We just wanted to let you know that we know that we might be incorrect or wrong about this particular linkage. We continue to seek more definitive documentation of the "fact" in question. However, in these instances, we are more positive than not about the connection.

Such speculation now follows an Internet sweep focused on the person or subject and then offers links to potential sources as given online. At the same time, we seek to investigate "all" plausible spellings of the name, place, or thing! Please remember and understand that links to sites beyond this website may turn up dead or temporarily unavailable. Such negatives have been judged to be unavoidable but we do try to keep up with transient websites. All that said, surf away at your own risk.

Thank you for indulging us in this digression!

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