Internet-based Resources

Internet-based Resources

By the late 2000s, the Internet has become an extremely useful resource for information on early Albany residents. This seems to be particularly true for those individuals who were not born or did not die in Albany.

Our long-term sweep of community-based resources has yielded an unparalleled archive of materials on most early Albany mainliners. This archive is of prime value for those who were born, lived, and died in Albany - probably almost three-quarters of the total resident population. By this time, we believe we would have at least encountered most (but certainly not all) Albany specific documents.

If you have been re-directed here, the external link you sought probably has become dead or dormant. Please tell us about it.

LINKS: All PCALH Website pages contain links to sites beyond our server. These are indispensible but tricky as many appear to migrate on and off line frequently. Others have become defunct! We strive to provide "definite" and "definitive" linkages. This issue/consideration/problem causes us much worry at this time!

Additionally, beginning about 2009, all new entries on this website have been further informed by a sweep of online resources - primarily by utilizing the " " search engine. We have decided to go in that direction rather than concentrate on dedicated library and archival resources (actually visiting those repositories) as the most efficient way to "find" external resources that may inform our exposition. This approach is far from perfect but, in almost all cases, does continually yield useful results!

At the same time, we cannot emphasize more strongly that we consider all sources (printed, Internet, even documentary) as clues to the truth and NEVER never never as infallible. We teach and preach skepticism and a crtitical eye on everything. We like to think that all the varied resources utilized and cited in this website are helpful and supportive of our goal to foster understanding of the lives of the people of colonial Albany and their world. But 100% true and accurate - I rarely (no actually never) experience that level of faith! We do the best we can with each source but it is never enough. Is it?

Please report dead or defunct links!

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