Will of Johannes V. Douw - 1777

In the name of God, Amen. Be it known and manifest unto all People by these Presents that I, Johannes Val. Douw, of Albany County, being weak and sick in my body, am minded to dispose of my temporal estate with which God has blessed me, December 13, 1777.

I will that after my decease my son Cornelius shall have £20 for his birthright. I leave to my son Cornelius all my real and personal estate, my house and lot in Albany, and all my lots in Schenectady, and all my right I have in Sandgate, and all other lands and tenements of whatever nature.

I will that my daughter, Margaretje Douw, shall have a Christian like and decent maintenance, such as her effects require. I also give her all her motherís wearing apparel. And she is to be maintained by my son Cornelius, and if he refuses or neglects, then I leave her £600.

I make my son Cornelius and my nephew, Valcker Oothourt, executors.

Witnesses: Hendrick Bogert (probably his brother-in-law) , Henry Oothout jun., Ino. Jost Zabriskie.


Will dated December 13, 1777 Probated January 28, 1782. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 33, p. 247. Paragraphing supplied.

Transformed by JP

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