Hendrick Bogert
Stefan Bielinski

Hendrick Bogert was born in July 1724. He was the only son of the marriage of Cornelis and Dorothe Oothout Bogert. He may have been called "Hendrick" perhaps to differentiate him from a slightly younger and more well-known contemporary known as Henry I. Bogert.

Hendrick married Engeltie Van Schaack in June 1751. By 1755, two daughters had been baptized in the Albany Dutch church. The marriage ended when Engeltie died in January 1764. Hendrick does not appear to have remarried.

Like his father, Hendrick Bogert was a carpenter and an Albany mainstay. In 1755, he was named to inherit his father's carpentry tools and third ward home. The modest home on Market Street was enumerated on city assessment rolls. In 1763, his name appeared on a list of qualified voters in the city of Albany.

At the outbreak of the war, he would have been in his fifties and too old for military service. He did contribute for the relief of Ticonderoga and later was exempted from militia service.

Hendrick Bogert filed a will which passed probate in December 1788. An extensive inventory detailed his holdings and accounts and provides insight into the extent of his business.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Hendrick Bogert is CAP biography number 6096. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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