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The Hun family was a part of the early Albany story throughout the city's formative years. The family was descended from Harmen Thomase who came to New Netherland during the 1650s.

In 1697, the household of his son, Thomas Harmanse, established the Hun family permanently on city rolls. In 1756, three Hun-named households were present within the city of Albany. In that generation, was carpenter Dirck Hun.

By 1790, the city census noted five Hun homes including the third ward homes of businessman Thomas J. Hun and carpenter William Hun.

Throughout the period, the Huns were primarily a city-based family anchored by the large home of Thomas J. Hun on North Market Street.

In 1795, Anna Hun became the wife of Rev. John Bassett.

The city census for 1800 showed five Hun-named households.

In 1813, three Hun-named households remained in the city in addition to the Market Street home of the widow Cornelia Hun Fonda!



the people of colonial Albany Sources: This family profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources. Hun papers at the Albany Institute; Huns in PFS; HMGFM

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first posted: 1/25/03