Thomas J. Hun
Stefan Bielinski

Thomas J. Hun was born in February 1736. He was the eldest and only surviving son of Albany mainstays Johannes and Anna Winne Hun. He grew up in a third ward home that he later inherited from his father. By the terms of the will, he was to share the Market Street property with his sister for five years.

In August 1761, he married Albany native Elizabeth Wendell at the Albany Dutch church. Perhaps because the parents were somewhat older than the norm, only two children were baptized at the church where Thomas and Elizabeth were prominent members.

Thomas J. Hun was a merchant whose Albany property extended from Market Street to the river. Eventually, he also owned acreage across the Hudson and into the Mohawk Valley. He served as firemaster and was elected asistant alderman for the third ward in 1764. In 1773, he was elected alderman. He was active in committee work and performed a number of contract services for the city government. After the war, he was elected again to the city council and served for another decade. His large, new home home was an Albany landmark. By 1800, his married son and budding family had joined Thomas J. Hun's Market Street household.

Thomas J. Hun filed a will in December 1800. It identified him as "Thomas Hun, Esq." It named his wife and two children. The daughter married Reverend John Basset - the last dominie of the nearby old Dutch church. He died in November 1802 at the age of 66. The will passed probate in August 1814!

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Thomas J. Hun is CAP biography number 4781. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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first posted: 5/20/04