William Hun
Stefan Bielinski

William Hun was born in August 1734. He was the first of four sons in the family of first ward residents Dirck and Margarita Hogan Hun.

As early as 1756, he was listed on a census of householders as a carpenter. In August 1759, he married Albany spinster Sarah De Foreest. He was identified as a "house carpenter" on the marriage license. The marriage produced only two children who grew up in their modest home on the corner of North Market and Van Tromp Streets. Later, he owned another small house across the city in the first ward.

At the outbreak Revolution, this active patriot served the Albany committee as a lieutenant of the third ward watch. He later oversaw the repair of wells in the ward and, in 1778, complained about too many soldiers being billeted in his house. He also was commissioned a lieutenant and then captain in the second regiment of the Albany County militia.

After the war, he continued to practice his trade, support the Albany Dutch church, and look in on his aging mother. Over a six decade career, this well-known, city-based house carpenter earned aditional pay as a contractor of the city government. In 1800, his household consisted of the two aging adults and two younger people. As late as 1813 (at age 79), he was listed in the Albany directory as a carpenter at 23 Market Street.

Although an officer in the Albany militia, William Hun did not hold elected or appointed office. He died in 1814. His will passed probate in 1821. After her marriage, his daughter raised her family in the Market Street house!



the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of William Hun is CAP biography number 4784. He was named for his grandfather, Irish-born Albany innkeeper William Hogan! This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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first posted: 1/25/03