Will of William Corry - 1763

In the name of God, Amen. I, WILLIAM CORRY, of Albany, Attorney-at-Law, being sick and ailing.

I will and particularly order that my wife Catharine may enter upon my whole estate by virtue of a settlement of marriage made in the city of Dublin, and now in possession of Alexander Hamilton, Esq., Attorney-at-Law, and dated November 27, 1734.

I leave to my son Isaiah 4,000 acres of land, the farm he now lives on being part of the same. The said farm to be for the maintainance of my wife during widowhood, and also for the support of my four daughters, Dorothy, Ann, Catharine, and Mary, while they remain unmarried, and then to my son Isaiah.

While my wife remains unmarried, my son is to have one-third of the income for his care and management. And my son is to take the said 4,000 acres as near to the farm where I now live as the Patent will allow.

I make my wife and son executors.

Witnesses, William Hanna, John Beekman, Abraham Leygh.

Proved, October 26, 1763.



Will dated . Probated October 26, 1763 . Printed in Abstracts of Wills, vol 30, p. 270. Paragraphing and punctuations supplied.

Transformed from an online resource by SB

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first posted: 1/30/08