Will of Dirck Ten Broeck - 1748

In the name of God, Amen. July 1, 1748. I, Dirck Ten Broeck, of Albany, merchant. I leave to my eldest son Abraham 25, "In right of Primogeniture." Also my house and lot in Albany, in the 3d ward, where I now live, bounded east and south by the street that leads to Waterfleet, west by the house and lot where Adam Deats lives. Also my store house and lot in Albany, bounded south by Foxes creek, north by the lot in possession of Adam Deats, east by the street that leads to Waterfleet.

I leave to my children, Catharine, wife of Johanes Livingston, Christina, wife of Phillip Livingston, Jr., Maria, wife of Gerardus Graesbeck, Sara, wife of Johanes Ten Eyck, Margaretta, and Dirck, each 1/7 of the value of the said houses and lots, "which I do hereby appraise at the sum of 600." I leave to my son Dirck my houses and lots in Albany, in the 3rd Ward, bounded west by street, "east by another street, formerly called de Waggon Way," south by the house and lot of Johanes Pruin, north by the house and lot of Corneluis Ten Broeck. And each of my other children is to have 1/7 of the value, which I appraise at 225.

I leave to my sons, Abraham and Dick, all my lot of land lying at Serigtoge, in Albany County on the west side of Hudson river, being Lot No. 3, as divided by the Patentees of Serightoge. Also 1/7 part of the undivided woodland in said Patent, as granted to me by a certain indenture of lease and release. Each of my two other children is to have 1/7 of its value, which I value 400. I leave to my daughters, Maria, Sara, and Margarita, and to my sons, Abraham and Dirck, each 300, as my other daughters have had, and my daughter Margarita, when of age, is to have an outset, as my other four daughters have had.

I leave to my wife Margarita the use of all estate, Negroes, and goods, during her life, to bring up and educate and maintain my two sons and my daughter Margarita. If my wife marries, she is to give a perfect inventory, and then the use of estate is to go to my seven children and my wife is to have the use of my house and lot where I now live, and 1/2 of my lot of ground or garden "by the city stone wall." And a Negro woman and 300.

I leave to all my children my house and lot in Albany, in the 3rd Ward, bounded south by ground of Theunis Eghbertie, north by the house and lot of William Rogers, west by the street, and east by another street. Also 2 lots in said city, in the 3d ward, bounded north by the house and lot of Wilhelmus Vanderbergh, south by the street, west by the pasture ground of Elbert Gerritson, east by the ground of the heirs of Cornelius Van Scherluynn and others, in Company. Also a lot and garden in said Ward, bounded north by the gang way by the city stone wall, south by the house and lot of Tesen De Freest, west by small lot of Luycas Johanes Wyngaert east by the river. Also a house and lot of pasture ground, lying in the Manor of Rensselaerwyck, at Waterfleet, bounded east by the house and lot or garden of the Lord of the Manor, west by the Pasture ground of Anthony Van Schaick. Also a lot and brewhouse of Barent and Jan Vroman, west by north by the ground of Jan Vroman. Also a tract of land in Albany County, on the north side of the Mohawks river, westward from the fall kill, being part of a large Tract of land purchased of the Natives by James Henderson, Philip Livingston, John Lindesay, and 5 other persons, and known as lots 10-11, according to the deed I have for the same In Company with Cornelius Cuyler. Also 1/18 of a large tract of land purchased of the natives by Peter Schuyler, Dirck Wessell, Jan Janse Bleecker, and 6 others in Company, Situate in the County of Albany, on the east side of Hudson river, known by the name of Westenhook, as by deed.

Also a parcel of land lying in Albany County, In the west side of Hudson river, and is part of the land of Lockeren," bounded on the south "by where Myndert Schuyler now lives, thence west to the creek called Bear kill, to the north, thence to the path that leads to the Farm in tenure of Geritt Decker, at Cstrix kill, thence to the land called Black land," together with 1/5 of the great meadow, according to the last will of my father and mother. I leave to my sons Abraham and Dirck, certain Negroes and all my apparel, and to each a horse and sleigh and cart. All the rest to my 7 children. I make my wife Margarita and my sons, Abraham and Dirck, executors.

Witnesses, John Jans Roseboom, Adam Yates, Johanes Spoor.

Proved, July 13, 1752, before Myndert Schuyler.

Confirmed, May 3, 1768.


Will dated July 1, 1748. Probated July 13, 1752. Confirmed May 3, 1768. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 31, pp. 159-61 and appearing online . Paragraphing supplied!

Transformed by JP

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