Will of Harmanus Wendell - 1769

In the name of God, Amen. Harmanus Wendell, of Albany. I leave to my wife Catharine the lot in Schenectady, released to her and myself by the heirs of Jacob Sander Glen. Also her own bodily clothing and the household furniture I had at the time I married her.

I leave to each of my daughters who may not be married at the time of my decease an outset, to be worth the same in value with those that are married. My executors may sell any part of my real and personal estate for the maintenance of my wife during her widowhood and my children, and to collect all debts, and settle the Company account I have with my son, Harmanus, in which my son has paid in for Stock 350, a statement of which account will be found in my book.

And also the Indian purchase he has made of lands at Canajoharrie, between the two Canada Creeks, of 9,000 acres, in trust for my sons and brothers in-law, Lucas and Philip Van Veghten. And I desire my son to settle the Company account and release their shares. My executors are to put all monies unsold when my youngest child is of age I leave to my sons, Harmanus, Cornelius, Johanes, and Jacob, and they are to pay each of my daughters 1/8 of 3/4 of the appraised value.

I make my brother-in-law, Lucas and Philip Van Veghten, executors, with my son Cornelius Dated May 31, 1769.


Will dated May 31, 1769. Probated April 1771. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 31, pp. 399-400. Paragraphing supplied.

His first wife was Catharina Van Vechten But he may have married Catharina Glen of Schenectady in 1762.

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first posted: 9/30/06