Will of Gerrit Van Ness - 1715

In the name of God, Amen, March 9, 1714-15, I Gerritt Van Ness, of Albany, wheelwright. “To avoid all contentions.”

“Whereas on December 6, in the 6th year of Queen Anne, I in conjunction with my wife, Margery Van Ness, made our will, and did among other things bequeath to William Van Ale, of Albany, all the clothing, jewels, silver, etc., which formerly belonged to his mother, and all the rest to the said William Van Ale, and to Jannettie, wife of Lawrence Van Schaick. And since the death of my wife, the said William Van Ale, in making up his accounts is in debt to me £118 16s and he is willing to discharge the said account and is also willing to have of me the further sum of £29, and one great wheelwright augur. And in consideration of my discharging him from said will, and did release to me all of said property. I leave to my niece, Maryke, wife of Thomas Hermanse, of Albany, all my part of said estate. Also all the clothes provided that Jannettie, wife of Lawrence Van Schaick of Kinderhook, shall have the same value. I leave to William Van Ale my two great wheelwright augurs.

I make Jannettie, wife of Lawrence Van Schaick, and Maryke, wife of Thomas Harme, executors. Witnesses, Reyer Schermerhorn, John Collins, Thomas Martin. Proved at Albany before Peter Schuyler, Judge of Court of Common Pleas, June 10, 1715.


Will dated March 9, 1715. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 26, pp. 152-53. Some spellings modernized and paragraphing supplied.

Transformed from an online printing by JP

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