Will of Johannes M. Beekman - 1728

In the name of God, Amen, December 16, 1728. I, Johanes Beekman, of Albany, yeoman, "being in perfect health, and of Good, Sound, and Perfect mind."

After my decease I leave all my wearing apparels, both linen and woolen of whatever nature or kind, unto my 5 sons, Johanes, Jacob, Marten, Johanes Hanse, and Henry.

I leave to my wife Eva, all my estate, real and personal, for the maintenance of my unmarried children, during her life.

The children that shall be unmarried after my decease, and the decease of my wife, shall have their reasonable outfit before any division. After the decease of my wife I leave to my son Johanes 40. I leave to my five sons each an equal part of all my 1/13 of a tract of land in company, situate in the County of Albany, and called Kayodorases, alias Queens Borrough, as by the Patent thereof, dated November 2, 1708. This is to be appraised among my 12 children, and my sons are to pay to each of the other children 1/12 part of the value, after payment of debts.

All the rest of my estate I leave to my 12 children, Johanes, Jacob Martin, Johanes Hanse, Henry, Janettie, Susanna, Helena, Maritie, Johana, Alida, and Neeltie. I appoint my wife Eva, Executor.


Will dated December 16, 1728. Executed December 2, 1732. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 27, p. 112. Paragraphing supplied.

Transformed by JP

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