Johannes Martense Beekman
Stefan Bielinski

Johannes Martense Beekman was born about 1660. He was the son of Marte or Martin Beekman.

His first wife was Machtelt Jacobs Schermerhorn. She died about 1690 after giving birth to at least four children. He re-married in October 1692. This time to Eva Vinhagen. By 1710, nine of their children had been baptized in the Albany Dutch church where both parents were members and Johannes was a church officer and auditor. Both of them were very frequent baptism sponsors.

These Beekmans were Albany mainstays and lived in the second ward. He traded in real estate, owned other parcels within the city, and investment property beyond as well. Although sometimes identified as a blacksmith, assessment rolls valued his holdings comparable to those of other successful businessmen. In 1699, he joined other Albany people in swearing allegiance to the King of England. In 1720, he was identified as a freeholder in the second ward.

Civic service included sitting on juries, acting as assessor, serving as firemaster, and being elected assistant alderman in 1688 and afterwards. He also was asked to perform contract services for the Albany corporation.

Johannes Martense Beekman filed a will in December 1728. It provided for his wife and twelve living children! He died in September 1732. Eva lived until 1755.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Johannes Martense Beekman is CAP biography number 3858. This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

Parents: His name tells us he was the son of Martin. Perhaps, his mother was Susanna Jans! We seek information on the lives of his parents!

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first posted: 2/29/04