Cornelia Beekman Van Vechten


Cornelia Beekman was born about 1710. She was the youngest daughter of Johannes M. Beekman and his second wife, Eva Vinhagen Beekman. She grew up in a large combined family in a businessman's home in the second ward.

In 1728, she was named among many heirs in the will of her father.

In October 1734, she married Johannes Van Vechten, Jr. at the Albany Dutch church. By 1747, seven children had been christened at the Albany church.

These Van Vechtens lived in Albany's first ward where Johannes Jr. was establishing himself as a commmunity leader. However, he died in December 1746 a few months before the birth of their last child.

Not yet forty years old, the widow Neeltie Beekman Van Vechten became head of their household. She filed a will in May 1762. It left all her property, including the house and lot in the first ward, to her children. However, she was named on the assessment roll in 1767. By that time, her son, Volkert, was ready to take over.

The will passed probate on December 12, 1766. Three days later, the New York Mercury newspaper advertized that all accounts with her estate were to be settled with her sons, Volkert and Ephraim.

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