Jacob Beekman
Stefan Bielinski

Jacob Beekman was born in 1685. He was the second son of Albany blacksmith Johannes Martense and his first wife, Machtel Schermerhorn Beekman - who died in 1689. He grew up as part of a large, combined family in the second ward home of an Albany mainstay. In 1728, he was among the twelve children named in the will filed by his father.

Jacob married mayor's daughter Debora Hansen in December 1714. By 1733, his six children had been baptized in the Albany Dutch church where he was an occasional baptism sponsor. In 1715, he was a trooper in an Albany militia company.

After a time in the first ward, these Beekmans set up their home on Pearl Street next to the house of Debora's father. Although he identified himself as a blacksmith, Jacob Beekman was a prominent businessman who was elected alderman for the second ward in 1729. He owned lots on Foxes Creek and had inherited a share of frontier land as well.

Jacob Beekman filed a will in December 1738. He died in March 1739 and was buried from the Dutch church. He had lived fifty-three years. His will left a substantial estate to his widow and then five living children.



the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Jacob Beekman is CAP biography number 3890. This profile is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

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