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Print media articles on the Colonial Albany Social History Project

"Colonial Albany historian retires after 42 years" July 20, 2013

"The Promised Land" (Rapp Road)   February 3, 2000

"Take a Peek into Albany's Rich Past"  November 9, 1998

"Seeking Ordinary Lives of Yore"   August 11, 1998

"312-Year-Old Document Shapes City's Government"   June 3, 1998

"Bielinski: NY's Answer to Renaissance Man"   May 4, 1998

"Albany's Invisible Colonial Blacks Come to Life in New Research"  October 5, 1997

"Every Picture Tells a Story"   November 23, 1995 (2)

"Just When You Thought You Had It Too Tough"   November 23, 1995 (1)

"A Disgraced Leader Returns to Albany After 219 Years"   April 3, 1995

"Digging For Lost Roots"  February 12, 1989


This section is incomplete but eventually will chronicle project progress as reported/recorded in the print media. A goal will be to link to web-based versions of all past newspaper pieces - thus ensuring their ongoing availability. These offerings have helped publicize our work in an admittedly "old-fashioned/traditional" way. The authors of these articles are journalists and not CASHP staff members.

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first posted 1999; updated 7/27/13