Will of Sybrant Van Schaick - 1683

Albany. Written in Dutch form.

On the 6th day of August in the year 1683, appeared before me Robert Livingston, Secretary of Albany, Sybrant Van Schaick, indisposed in body but fully using his senses.

Who considering the shortness of the life of man. He and his wife Elizabeth make the survivor of them the sole heir, to all the estate. But the survivor is to divide among their children which they have at present, and during their wedlock by God’s grace may have in the future, one half of the property. The survivor is to have the other half. The children are to be exercised in the fear of the Lord and instructed in reading, writing, and Arithmetic, and such art or trade that they in time may decently live in the world.

Witnesses, Adrian Gerritsen Van Popendorf, Philip Schuyler. Done at the house of the testator at noon about 12 o’clock.

Translated by P. Delanoy.


Will dated August 6, 1683. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 25, pp. 132-33. Some paragraphing and punctuation supplied!

Transformed by JP

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first posted: 8/15/05