The *Woutenbergh

Spelled variously, during the second half of the eighteenth century, this term referred to the marginal land north of Foxes Creek but probably above North Pearl Street and the North End and extending uphill to the northern city line (if not beyond) .

The term's origins may be traceable to the following: At a Common Council held for the City of Albany on the 12th day of April, 1763:

This day sold at Publick Vendue to the highest Bidders sundry Lotts of ground lying on a hill called Woutenbergh, on the northernmost part of the City of Albany, on the north side of Foxes Creek, each Lott to contain in breadth in front by the street and in the rear by the City Line thirty feet, and in length from the said street to the said line fourteen rodd and half of a rodd all Rynland measure, with a reserve on each Lott of ten shillings yearly and every year for ever, to be paid to the Corporation; the sale to begin by Lott N. 2 viz1:

Lott N. 2 To Isaac Swits, .... 23.
Lott N. 3 To Frans Winne, Jun, - - 20.
Lott N. 4 To John Roff, - - - - 22.
Lott N. 5 To Paul Hogstraser, 22.
Lott N. 6 To Daniel Winne, - - - - 22.
Lott N. 7 To Hendrick Wendell, - - 18.
Lott N. 8 To Hendrick Wendell, - - - 17.
Lott N. 9 To Adam Yates, 17.
Lott N. 10 To Adam Yates, - - - - 18.
Lott N. 11 To John Van Ness, - - - 17.
Lott N. 12 To Abraham Ten Broeck, - - - 16:10.
Lott N. 13 To Abraham Ten Broeck, - - 16:10.
Lott N. 14 To Sybrant Van Schaick, Jun, - - 16:10.
Lott N. 15 To Abraham Ten Broeck, - - 16:10.

These streamside lots seem to have been held as tanning pits.

Along the northern edge of the city limits was a block of lots referred to as Arbor Hill. Just above that was the lots reserved for establishment of a German Reformed Church.

This area was first distinguished on the map made by Robert Yates in 1770.



Presented within the printed City Records in Collections, 1:142. Transcribed from an online resource.

Spelling: Spelled a number of ways during the eighteenth century including "Woutsbergh." The terms may be translated as "woodlands."

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posted: 12/30/07