Will of Hendrick Hansen - 1723

In the name of God, Amen, the 2nd September, 1723. I, Hendrick Hensen, of Albany, yeoman, being weak in body. I leave to my oldest son, Hans Hansen, in his right of primogeniture, “my lot of ground in Albany, on the north side thereof,” Bounded on the south by the house and lot of Cornelius Cuyler, north by Jacob Beckman, west and east by streets.

I leave to my wife Deborah the use of all my real and personal estate, but not to sell or barter. After her decease all my estate is to go to my children. But if she marries she is to have the lot in Albany and the house between the house of Abraham Schuyler to the north, and the house of the Church Wardens of the Nether Dutch Church to the south, and also £10 yearly.

My son Richard Hans is to have a convenient apartment in my house next to Abraham Schuylers, for his use.

I leave to my sons Hans and Nicholas all that my farm and tract of land situate on the north side of the Maqueses river, over against the land called Ticondorga, bounded west by the tract of land of Mr. John Collins. Being in all 2,000 acres, and granted unto me by Patent from Brigadier (General) Hunter, late Governor of the Province of New York. To be equally divided between them and my son Hans is to have his choice of the parts. And whichever of the sons has the half on which my house, barn, barracks, and other buildings stands, he shall assist and pay one half of the workmanship and other charges of building such like houses and buildings on the other half. The mill erected, and to be erected, are to be in partnership between them.

I also leave to my sons Hans and Nicholas, each one half of the piece of Pasture land lying in the township of Schenectady, on the south side of the highway leads by the north side of the Fort, and is bounded west by the Pasture ground of Thomas Williams. Also that lot of ground in said town opposite to the house of Jacob Schermerhorn, and on the south side of the street, and bounded east by the lot of ground of Dow Angus, where he now lives near by the Church. Also all that certain tract of land in the township of Schenectady “near the Waestryna,” and bounded partly by the farm of Jacobus Peek. These are to be equally divided between them.

My son Hans Hansen is to pay to his two sisters, Deborah, wife of Jacob Beekman, and Maria Hansen, each £150. My son Nicholas is to pay to each of them £100. I leave to my sons Hans and Nicholas all cattle and farming utensils, and they are to pay to heir mother, if she happens to remarry, £10 [?] years during her life, “except in time of war and when they may not peaceably enjoy what is bequeath to them.”

[The rest of this will is not on record.]


Will dated September 2, 1723. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 26, pp. 384-85. Spellings and punctuation mostly have been retained.

Transformed by JP

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first posted: 8/10/06