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The Marselis family of early is descended from legendary New Netherland pioneer Marcellus Jans Van Bommel who came to Beverwyck before 1664 and also from Hendrick Marselis - an Albany resident of the seventeenth century.

By 1697, the two Marselis pioneers and two sons were listed in separate households on the city census. The lines of both first settlers were represented further by the marriages of their daughters into other early Albany families.

In 1720, Gysbert Marselis was a businessman and freeholder in Albany's second ward. His son, Johannes was an alderman during the early 1740s.

In 1756, four Marselis households were listed on the census of Albany householders.

In 1790, two Marselis-named households remained in the city.

The family became prominent in Schenectady as Gerrit and Ahasuerus, sons of Marcellus Jans and Anna Gerrits, moved there before 1700!

A reconstitution on the Marselis family was begun by a project intern in 1989. At that time, seventy-three individuals met the criteria for inclusion in the early Albany community population!



the people of colonial Albany Sources: This profile is derived chiefly from community-based resources. Readily encountered, online resources appear to be derivative of the work of Jonathan Pearson.

Albany-born Marselis women married members of the Hooghkerk, Van Zandt, and Yates families. Hendrick Marselis's daughters married Matthew Hooghteeling and Patrick Mc Gregory.

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