Will of Hendrick Gerritse Van Wie - 1690

God be praised in the highest. Hendrick van Wie, being quite infirm, but in full possession of his mind, walking and standing, has declared to us his last will and desire as follows:

First, Hendrick van Wie wills that his wife shall remain in full possession of his estate so long as she lives, on condition that she bring up the children to the best of her poor ability, and after her death the lawful heirs begotten of them shall share alike, except that the eldest son shall first of all have a horse. But whenever his wife shall marry again, an inventory should be made of all there is in order that the estate be not diminished.

In witness hereof he has signed this with his own hand.
This is the X mark of Hendrick van Wie
This is the X mark of Gerrit Gysbertse
H I by me, Pieter Winne

Albany y 3d of June 1701

Then appeared before me Johannis Cuyler & Peter van Burgh Esq. Justices of y Peace Gerrit Gysbertse & helmer Janse of y County of Albany aforesaid witnesses as above written who declare upon y holy Evangelist that some time about y year of our Lord 1690 they saw signing of y abovementioned instrument by hendrik van wie of y said County as his last will or Testament who Dyed in y year 1690 as aforesaid.

Johannis Cuyler Justice
Peter van Brugh Justice

Recorded y 8th of octob. 1701



Will dated 1690. Recorded October 8, 1701. Printed in Early Records of Albany volume 4, p. 139. Most spellings retained!

Transformed by JP

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