Will of Albert Ryckman - 1736

In the name of God, Amen. I, Albert Ryckman, of Albany County, brewer.

I leave to the heirs of my son Johanes, deceased, 5 shillings. To my daughter Magdalena all my household goods and 12.

I will that my distilling kettle, with its appurtenances, and my Negro man "Marquis," be sold, and the money used for payment of debts.

All the rest of my estate to my children, Tryntie, Peter, Harmanus, Margaret, Tobias, and Magdalena, and to the children of my son Johanes, and to the children of my daughter Mary.

I make my sons, Harmanus and Tobias, and Benjamin Brat, executors.


Will dated December 23, 1736. Probated March 1, 1739. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 27, pp. 251-52. Paragraphing and punctuation supplied!

Transformed by JP

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