Estate of - Robert Henry, Jr. 1792-93

Robert Henry, Jr., Albany

Letters of administration granted to Robert R. Henry on August 21, 1792.

Inventory of Estate. Done at the request of Robert A.[?] Henry by Daniel Moore and Charles D. Cooper.

[values in pounds, shillings, and pence]

The contents of a large trunk:

one elastic coaling surtout
one cloth surtout
one coaling surtout
16 vests various kinds
15 pairs breeches
three pai leather breeches
four coats

The contents of a Black trunk:

three coats
seven pair breeches
four vests
15 pair stockings
one silk vest pattern
10 shirts
two handkerchiefs

The contents of a small hair trunk:

one dictionary
two young mens companions
one Gordon's arithmetric
one Mackenzie's essays
one Willson's surveying
one Calcott's masonry
one British theatre
one volume of Swift's works
one Ward's mathematics
one French grammar
two volumes Chesterfield's letters
one volume Leland's History of Ireland
one volume spectator
one gazeteer

The contents of a small trunk:

one violin

In the hands of John V. Henry, Esq.:

Rynal's History of the Indies
Robertson's History of Charles V
King of Prussia's memoirs
Vision of Columbus
Sentimental Journey
Vickar of Wakefield
one shaving box
one pair spurrs
one loaded whip
one black traveling trunk
one umbrella     [p.88]
Northg Briton

In the hands of Andrew Henry:

a silver watch

In the hands of Henry V. Eken:

Gordon's History of the American War

In the hands of Robert R. Henry:

Postlethwaytts dictionary
two Moir's book keeping
a share in the Albany Library
a coal jacket and a pair of stockings, value £5

His half of debts due Henry Mc Clallen and Henry:

supposed good     221-6-10.5
bad & double    985-2-11.5
unsettled accounts     54-16-8.75

His half of debts due Robert Henry & Co.:

supposed good     87-16-9.25?
bad & double     58-11-7.5
unsettled accounts     16-19-8

His half of debts due to Henry Vernor & Henry

supposed good     1645-15-5
bad & double     91-15-7
unsettled accounts     12-9-7

Private debts due to his estate:     29-13-0

Total assessed value of debts:     4768-15-5.25

Date of Inventory: 21 Jan 1793



Letters of Administration dated August 21, 1792 Calendared in Abstracts of the Wills, p.83. Estate inventory printed on pages 86-87.

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first posted: 6/10/09