Robert Henry, Jr.


Robert Henry, Jr. was born about 1750. He was not the son of Albany mainstays Robert and Elizabeth Vernor Henry - although he most likely was a kinsman. He was known fairly consistently as "Robert Henry, Jr."

We are unsure of his origins but he was in New York by May 1773 when "Robert Henry, Jr." witnessed a petition for the issuance of administrative bonds.

His name appeared on a list of those eligible for land bounty rights in conjunction with the Albany militia regiment.

This individual does not appear to have married.

In 1779, his name was found on Albany assessment rolls with personal property valued substantially but under the first ward house of Robert Henry. In 1788, his first ward house and property next to the holdings of Robert Henry appeared on the Albany assessment. In 1790, he appears to have been counted on the census under the household of Robert Henry.

Robert Henry, Jr. had passed on by August 1, 1792 when letters of administration were issued on his estate to administrator Robert R. Henry. Robert Jr's. estate included no real property but the subsequent inventory made in January 1793 showed three trunks of clothing, a violin, and a large collection of books then in the hands of a number of relatives. Book debts totalled almost five thousand pounds.

From the sketchy information encountered so far, this business-oriented bachelor, was at least self-educated and perhaps some sort of teacher as well.

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the people of colonial Albany Sources: The life of Robert Henry, Jr. is CAP biography number 8426. This sketch is derived chiefly from family and community-based resources.

first posted: 5/15/09