Will of Barent Staats - 1748

In den Name Godes, Amen, January 1, 1748, I Barent Staats, I leave to my son, Joachim, my Great silver tankard, for his right primogeniture.

I also give my Bowery in the Manor of Rensselaerwyck, known by the name of Hoge Berg (Great Hill), with the meadow and upland thereto belonging, to my two sons, Joachim and Gerritt, but on the express condition that my wife Neeltie shall have her support and living during her life, and use of certain slaves.

I leave to my sons all my wearing apparel, and my guns and pistols: I also leave to them of my right in the Patent of Loonenburgh.

I leave to my seven daughters, Antie, wife of John Visser, Aryantie, wife of Hendreick Van Dursen, Catharine, wife of Abraham Schuyler, Gertrude, wife of John Schuyler, Neeltie, wife of Samuel Staats, Teuntie, wife of William Salisbury, and Elizabeth, wife of Johanes Bleecker, all the other of my right in the Patent of Looneburgh.

I make my wife and my sons, Johanes and Gerritt, executors.



Will dated January 1, 1748. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 28, pp. 410-11. Paragraphing supplied.

He meant Jochem Staats!

Transformed by JP

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