Will of James Gourlay - 1772

In the name of God, Amen. I, James Gourlay, at present of the city of Albany, merchant, being weak and sick. I leave to my father, James Gourlay, all my estate, but if he be dead at the publishing of this will, then I leave all to my brothers, Robert, Samuel, and John, and my sister Margaret.

I do wholly divert and exclude my Putative wife, Ann Schuyler, and the male child she has (the same being none of my begetting) from all right to any part of my estate.

I make my father and my brothers and sisters, and Hugh Gray, executors.

Dated October 5, 1772. Witnesses, Alexander Cruikshank, Matthew Watson, Joseph Anderson, "all of Albany."


Will dated October 9, 1772. Probated December 17, 1772. Printed in Abstract of Wills, volume 32, p. 90.

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