Meet the People of Colonial Albany Online

The Colonial Albany Social History Project Website

The Internet is the principal and preferred educational tool employed by the Colonial Albany Social History Project to present its history of family and community in pre-industrial America to diverse audiences today.

Launched in 1999, the People of Colonial Albany Live Here Website now features more than 3,500 separate yet interactive items including biographical profiles, places of interest, important events and themes, documents, maps, and information on the ways project historians have created a unique and broadly accessible resource focused on one of the oldest early American communities.

Presentations typically begin with "Meet the People of Colonial Albany," a visual and musical introduction to and overview of the essential themes and resources in the story of the people of colonial Albany and their world.

Hosted by project founder, community historian, and webmaster Stefan Bielinski, this offering is intended to be an interactive seminar showcasing the overall web exposition while demonstrating its varied facets and features. Discussion is an integral part of the program.

Like virtually every part of the project itself, this program is in-development and is constantly changing as we move forward or at least more deeply into the past!

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silently opened 3/10/11; actively online 4/20/13