Will of Phillipus Schuyler - 1748

In the name of God, Amen, June 28, 1748. I, Philip Schuyler, of Albany, being in perfect health. It is my will that all just debts and funeral charges be paid.

I leave to my two brothers, Jeremey and Peter, all my wearing apparel, both linen and woolen, and my watch and sword. I leave to my sister, Fertruy Lansingh, 50, to be paid by my brother Peter Lansingh, two large silver salt cellars. I leave to my two sisters, Margaretta Livingston and Gertruy Lansingh, and my nephew, Barent Staats, Jr., all my right in the Patent of Westenhok, to each 1/3 of my 1/9 of said Patent, and my nephew, Barent Staats is to pay to his sister, Anna Vanderpoel 50.

It is my will that the present burying place be for ever kept and appropriated for that use and no other, and I hereby devise the said ground, containing one acre, for to be the burying place for all the descendants of my father, Peter Schuyler, deceased and my father-in-law John Schuyler, deceased and such other persons as my wife Margarita shall allow to be there buried, and my brothers, Jeremey and Peter, shall allow.

I leave to my wife, Margarita Schuyler, 1/2 of two lots lying at Canajoharie, in Albany County, on the north side of Mohawk River, and now in occupation of Hendrick Markell; also all my estate at the Flats, while she remains my widow, and she is to pay all my just debts and funeral charges. "I leave to my brother, Jeremy Schuyler, after the death or marriage of my wife, my Great Island, called the Flats Island, he paying to the Patroon or Lord of the Manor of Rensselaerwyck 4 bushels of wheat yearly, in lieu of all other rents and services." I leave to my brother, Peter Schuyler, after my wife's death or marriage, all the rest of the farm called the Flats, and he is to pay to my sister, Gertruy Lanshingh, 50, and to my nephew, Peter Lansingh, 50, and to the Patroon or Lord of the Manor 4 bushels of wheat yearly, in lieu of all other rents and services. I make my wife executor.


Will dated June 28, 1748. Probated June 6, 1758. Printed in Abstract of Wills volume 31, pp. 17-18. Some spellings and punctuation modernized. Paragraphing supplied!

Transformed from an online resource by JP

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