Will of James Adams - 1762

In the name of God, Amen. I, James Adams, of Albany, Carman.

I leave to my wife Margaret the use of all my estate for life if she remains my widow, and no longer. I leave to my eldest son William 9 before any division. I leave to my daughter Margaret 150 and a negro girl and household goods. I leave to my sons William and Lambertus all the rest of my estate, and they shall pay to my daughter Margaret 30. My negro boy may choose which of my sons he will live with, and the son that he chooses to live with shall pay half of his value to the other.

I make my wife Margaret and my friends, Lambertus Bleecker and John Johnson Lansing [possibly 3739], executors.

Dated August 22, 1762.

Witnesses, Jacobus Hylton, Johanes Van Sante, Jr., James Stephenson, attorney at Law.

Proved, October 29, 1762.


Will dated August 22, 1762 . Probated October 29, 1762. Printed in Abstract of Wills, 1760-1766, p. 193.

Transformed from an online resource by SB, Paragraphing and some punctuation supplied.

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