Book of the Freeholders
of the
City and County of Albany

Johannes Van der Heyden
Hendrick M. Roseboom
James Stevenson
Jelles De Garmo
John Lansing jr.
robt sanders
john rutse bleecker
John H. lydius
john g. roseboom
john d peyster
Johannes de garmo or [jmdg]
daniel husten
gerrit van vranke
john h. ten eyck
peter lansing
hendrick cuyler
jacob everse
peter schuyler
barent h. ten eyck
marte mynderse

philip lansing
gerardus groesbeck
peter p. schuyler
coenrat look
jacob teneyck
joseph yates
john jo wendell
robert berret
isaac lansing    [several possibles]
john m beekman
christean lagrangies, normanskill
Peter Waldron
Isaac Switts
wm winne
luykas van vechten
Isaac kipp
benj. kipp
benj. bratt
asweres roseboom
john gansewoort
gerrit van santen [r]

john fryer
david groesbeck
johannes van santen
john glen    [several possibles]
harme gansewoort
cornelius ten broeck
gerrit marselis
isaac ver plank jr
david a schuyler
jacob bleecker
hendrick ten eyck
hendrick bleecker
isaac staats
killean winne
johannes Look m of R
john winne
jacob look
abraham douw esq
john J. lansing
peter D wandelaar
isaac fryer
tobia ryckman
hendrick van dyck

robert lansing
leendert gansewoort
john J. lansing
jacob cooper
john cooper
john cuyler
abraham mynderse
luyckas winigaart
antony flensburgh
schebalet bogardus
hendrick halenbeck
simon veeder
johannes redliff
luyckas wetbeck
sybrant g. van schaick
isaac g. ver plank
johannes everse
claes van den bergh
gerrardus lansing
johannes Pruin
abraham roseboom
frans pruyn
johannes m roseboom
david van der heyden
isaac bogart

abraham g. Lansing
William g. van den bergh
tunis visher
johannes van olende
isaac deforeest
wilhelmis van den bergh
lambert redliff
peter yates
wm ver plank
john roseboom jr.
philip foreest
wm hilton
barent ten eyck   [several possibles]
volckert van den bergh
gysbert fonda
john s lansing
egbert bratt
john kidney jr.
john van duzen
wm frier
hendrick g. van ness
cornelius cuyler
claes van woort
gerrit J. lansing
abraham yates
cornelius bogert

Gerret van ness
gerret lansing
johannes hun
jacob groesbeck
volkert p douw
gerret van santie jr
john clute jr
jacob van schaick
thomas lansing
gerrit lansing
douwe bogert
jacob bogardus    [perhaps 6375]
ephraim wendell
stoffel abeel
john beekman jr
thomas cooper
john flensburg
harme hun
harme J. fisher
david foreest
johannes van santen
lucas yates
jacobus hilton
john masa
menj. hilton
anthony g. van schaick
basteain fisher
helmes van antwerpe
peter williams
gerret j. lansing
barent bratt
ephraim e. wendell
wm g. van den bergh
barent van buren
jacobus parker v. ben thuisen
cornelis masse
abraham h. wendell
wessell van schaick
peter quackenboss
barent a bratt
johannes becker jr
jacob j. lansing
melchert van der pool
william van santen
dirk Hun
johannes luger
barent sanders
anthony van d see
john price
vockert oothout
peter gansewoort

nicholaas cuyler
johannes winegaart
abraham witbeck
peter wessel
robt rooseboom
john flensburgh jr
wm waldron
arent van duzen
adam yates
johannes lansing     [name]
ruliff kidney
thomas sharp
jacob van voort
claes fond
abraham lansing
sybrant van schaick jr
sander Ja lansing
peter jones
harmanus H. wendell
gysbert marselis
johannes van schaick
wm rogers
thomas williams, jr
peter bogert
johannes cluet
lucas hoogkerk

johannes goewy
abram J. lansing     [na]
jonathan broocks
michael besset
antony c. bratt
hendrick bogert
wm van den bergh
stephanus van schaack
jacobus redliff
john spoor jr
cornelius c. van den bergh
benjamin bogert
petrus hilton
jacob pruyn
cornelius m. bloomendal
hendrick roseboom
gerrit roseboom
bernardus harson
daniel halinbeck
antony d bratt
volkert douw
jacob lansing
Elbert greveraat
cornelius van ness
john kidney
gysbert van den bergh
peter lookerman
william hogan
wm hogan jr
hendrick rooseboom
john davids
lucas g. winegaart
hendrick gerretse
richard hilton
jacob rooseboom
john danaceley
staats van lantfort
barnardus bratt
tobias ten eyck     [na]
abram j. fonda     [na]
johannes S. pruyn
marte beeckman
peter douw [Wolvenhook]
jacob visher
peter winne
jacob h. ten eyck
john beekman
jacob c. ten eyck
richard cartwright


Over the years, this list has appeared in a number of forms and formats. The transcription used above was made many years ago (probably during the 1950s or 60s) by my academic mentor, Sung Bok Kim - long-time professor of history at the University at Albany. He fixed the date as 1763 and noted that he copied it from the "John Tabor Kempe Papers" at the New-York Historical Society. His particular transcription is included here for sentimental reasons and because it first made me think about the value of community surveys - way before I ever dreamed about systematically studying anything except all-you-can-eat buffets. Sung Bok did share my enthusiasm for tasty food but never entered the digital age. He probably never saw any of this offering which was inspired in no small part by his exhaustive and relentless approach to source-based research.

Spellings and capitalization have been copied from Sung Bok's transcription. The list contains 242 total names - representing the entire county - not only the city of Albany. Another perspective on this list comes from an arranged printing of the so-called document appearing in the National Genealogical Society Quarterly, vol. 48, No. 4, December 1960. That transcription was adapted for an online resource called Genealogy Trails." After additional information on the creation of the "document," this ambitious version has separated the freeholders by precinct/district of residence within old Albany County a few years prior to its first partition.

first posted 5/07; last updated 4/26/16 and ongoing